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        Potassium Phosphite Fertilizer: Powerful Stress Fighting Machine   " ENERGIZE YOUR TREES Potassium Phosphite, a boost of phosphorous is taken up by the root or by the foliage and is highly mobile within the trees and plants, due to the lack of one oxygen molecule.  Potassium Phosphite, to fight stress and charges the trees and plants with energy, providing more vigorous, less problematic trees and plants health. PHOSPHITE : The Energy Element Increases Plant Energy | ATP Production ***  Three R’s:  Resist,  Repair,  Recover. The primary functions of P in trees and plants are: 1 . Structural component of proteins, enzymes, nucleic acids, and DNA 2 . Photosynthesis (production of sugars and starches) 3 . Respiration (producing energy by oxidizing sugars and starches) Phosphorous in the form of Phosphite(PO3) is radically different than the traditional form of Phosphate(PO4). Phosphite (PO3) increases the energy level within the trees and plants by increasing ATP production, the energy storage battery in the trees and plants that powers all physiological functions, such as photosynthesis. Whether its environmental extremes or root and shoot production. Trees and plants are continuously in a state of resisting, repairing and recovering from some environmental and/or physiological stress conditions that threaten plant quality and even survival. Potassium Phosphite manufactured under the strictest manufacturing procedures on the market. Temperature and reaction speed are controlled and Potassium Phosphite is made in small batches. Only the finest 99.9% pure, virgin raw materials are selected to produce Potassium Phosphite. Potassium Phosphite appears clear like water, with no impurities or residues present. This process creates a product with higher integrity which allows Potassium Phosphite to be more effective at lower rates and greatly reduces the risk of burn, even at 4X rates. Contains no available phosphate, “ P ” analysis is 100% phosphite (PO3. In summary application of phosphites enhances the activity of the tree’s and plant's dynamic defense systems. In short, it tells the trees and plants …where to grow, why to grow, what to grow and when to grow. ATP is formed by the addition of a phosphate group to a molecule of adenosine diphosphate (ADP); or to state it in chemical terms, by the phosphorylation of ADP. This reaction requires a substantial input of energy, much of which is captured in the bond that links the added phosphate group to ADP. Because light energy powers this reaction in the chloroplasts, the production of ATP during photosynthesis is referred to as photophosphorylation. Phosphorus is vital to the growth and health of trees and plants. It assists in converting the sun's energy and other chemicals, such as nitrogen, into usable food for trees and plants. A phosphorus deficiency will lead to stunted, sickly looking plants that produce a lower quality leaf quality or vigor. Trunk injection is the application of treatment injected via a Chemjet syringe into a drilled hole at the stem or trunk of a tree. There is an art and a science to properly injecting chemicals. Follow the step by step instructions    " How To Use