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Items Needed  Wear eye protection and gloves. High speed drill (cordless preferable) 4.5mm (11/64”) normal steel shank drill bit. Select Injectable product. Mixing container Container to carry loaded injectors (Bucket). All Purpose Disinfectant Note: Always spray your drill bit from tree to tree, and any other tools you may use. How to Use  Prepare the solution according to manufacturer’s label. For oak wilt prepare a 50/50% solution of Propicinazole and Water For S O D prepare a 30% solution - 11 Oz of Potassium Phosphite 21 oz of water. Draw the solution into the syringe and lock the plunger handle by turning ¼ turn  Place the loaded injectors red handle down in your bucket as they will leek if nozzle end is down Determine the number of injections (injectors) needed.          For Oak Wilt: Place an injector every 3” equidistance around the trunk.      For S O D: Place an injector every 4-5” around the trunk.       Take 3 injectors in one hand, holding the red plunger handles. Drill  11/64” holes in the trunk between the bark crevices  1-1/4" deep on a 45 degree downward angle. Push the injector into the first hole, then drill the second and third holes pushing the injectors into the respective holes. Set your drill down to allow to cool, if the drill bit gets too hot it may cauterize the surrounding tissue, making the drill portal ineffective. Do Not drill too many holes as the drill portals are small and may be difficult to see. With one hand grip the injector push the injector nozzle firmly into the drill hole          D0 Not twist the injector. . . the threads are for strength and only for treating the Coconut Palms Trees                    Unlock the plunger handle, and with the open palm of your other hand, give the RED Plunger handle a firm nudge. You should hear a click, indicating a tight water proof seal. Do not hit the Plunger in the lock position as this will damage the lock position.    Do Not twist the injector, once in the drill portal, as over time this will damage the injector nozzle. Work your way around the tree, repeating all the above steps. Disinfect the drill bit before preceding to the next tree. (A product called “CONSAN 20”, it is non corrosive product, containing, Ammonium Chloride. It is a triple action microbial disinfectant .. A viricide, fungicide and bactericide or WD40 can be used as a to sterilizer and if necessary spray the end of the injector. Lysol Kitchen spray or HEB  All Purpose Disinfectant contain Consan. The injectors feed the liquid into the trees' sapwood with a 23 lbs force spring. Normal atmospheric pressure is 14.7psi thus, infusing the product into the tree at a very low pressure of approximately 7.5psi.. Should the injector not completely empty, you may gave drilled into a non active area or old wound For injecting Oak Wilt, normal uptake is within 3-5 hours For injecting for SOD, uptake is relative fast, 5 to 45 min. Injector Maintenance When the injectors are empty twist the syringes anti-clockwise and pull the syringes from the trees and place them in your container. For Oak Wilt: Wash with plain Hot Water 50c + (120 degree F) and let stand for 5 or 10 min,… drain and let dry, the pathogen is heat sensitive and 35c (95 degrees F) destroys it. DO NOT WASH WITH  CLOROX AS IT WILL DAMAGE THE INJECTORS. For SOD and other applications rinse in hot water with disinfectants. Put the injector tip into the solution and pulling up and down the plunger a number of times. If you change products, always follow this practice. Allow the injectors to dry. Spray a silicone lubricant or WD40 down the barrel from the plunger handle. You can also put the injector tip in the lubricant solution and draw it into the barrel once or twice and expel the fluid. The injectors are now ready for use again.
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Injection Uptake Varies for S.O.D - 5 to 45 minutes
for Oak Wilt - 3-5 Hours 
Chemjet is an Australian company which developed, produces and sells the Chemjet Tree injector. The injector is economical, efficient and reliable, as well as environmentally sound to control plant diseases by injecting trees with chemicals. Using the Chemjet injector, no chemicals escape into the environment. Disease control methods using the Chemjet Tree Injector has been successful worldwide for more than 30 years.