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Injection Uptake Varies for S.O.D - 5 to 45 minutes for Oak Wilt - 3-5 Hours
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TREE INJECTOR SYSTEM - Saves One Tree at a Time - The Environment Every time ! A simple, hand-held, plastic liquid injector for trees bears a likeness to an overgrown syringe and works on much the same principle. The system is said to be a cost efficient method for injecting insecticides, fungicides, fertilizers, and trace elements into any limb or trunk of 2 in. diameter or greater. After an injector has been filled by submerging its tip in solution and pulling up on the Red spring-loaded "T" handle which is then twist locked, it is ready to be tightly inserted into a pre-drilled hole and unlocked. The internal spring then applies steady pressure delivering the injector's contents,in 5-45 min for most products and usually in 3 to 5 hours for oak wilt depending on weather and sap viscosity. Once empty, The Chemjet® injectors with their bright red handles are easily seen, quickly retrieved, cleaned, and ready for use again. The damage factor with The Chemjet® Tree Injectors, are far less invasive and the wound closure, due to the small shallow holes @will close within a few short weeks. The MACRO damage factor is more that 85 % greater than The Chemjet® @application. Following the MACRO injection, the dirt is replaced and fills the drill portals subjecting the tree to more peril. This delays wound closure and often causes canker or pathogenic infections in the @root flare. Excessive damage to this most critical @transition area of the @root flares, limits the water and nutrient movement to and from the roots and can cause serious loss of vigor or eventual death. CHEMJET ADVANTAGE Chemjet applications effectively control most of the worst infestations plaguing trees. Chemjet application providing minimal risk to the applicator and is environmentally safe. Chemjet micro-infusion works immediately within the tree using the tree’s natural transport system. provides complete training information and product quality to maximize success of treatment. CHEMJET TREE INJECTORS - Ideal For The Home Owner and For The Professional Tree Care Industry
The Best Way to Inject Your Trees -                                                                                                    Scenic Hills Nursery, 230 Scenic Hills Rd, Kerrville, TX.,78028                                                                                         Jim Rediker 830-257-8871 - Toll 800-OAK WILT (625-9458)                                                                                             Email : -                                                                                                 Mike Reusser - Tel: 830-955-1021 - @E mail   THE CHEMJET TREE INJECTOR - Australian Made - THE SIMPLEST MICRO-INJECTION AND INFUSION SYSTEM EVER DEVELOPED FOR TREES. @With Effective Results - For Your Trees And Money Savings - Safest Tree Injector Available - Completely Re-loadable and Re-usable for Infinite Number of Times - No Complicated Expensive Devices - No Applicator Frustration - No High Pressure Damage - Few Tools Required - Least Expensive - Covers Large Selection of tree health care products with systemic formulations of Antibiotics, Insecticides, Nutrients, Minerals and Fungicides available for tree injection treatment - Control many of the most destructive pests. Protect your trees with CHEMJET TREE INJECTORS - Ideal For The Home Owner and The Professional Tree Care Industry. Many valued customers from around the world have found a use for Chemjet Tree Injectors. Whether the need is for controlling phytophthora in avocado trees in Australia or New Zealand, protecting Durian trees in Asia, protecting hardwood trees from Sudden Oak Death in California or Mango trees in South America. The Chemjet is also used to protect trees in the USA for Oak Wilt, Dutch Elm Disease, Chestnut Canker, Apple Blight, White Walnut Canker, Emerald Ash Borer and Nutrient and Mineral deficiency. Chemjet Tree Injectors is the injection
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Oak Wilt Specalists for the Texas Hill Country Karen Rockoff - Master Certified Landscaper TX 4803     ISA Certified Arborist TX 3308A     Certified Oak Wilt Specialist TX 0291 Tel: 830-955-0304  email:  Jim