Kerrville, Texas
© ChemjetUS 2016 Injection Uptake Varies for S.O.D - 5 to 45 minutes for Oak Wilt - 3-5 Hours
THE CHEMJET TREE INJECTOR celebrate more than ten years of outstanding service here in Texas For the treatment of devastating Oak Wilt disease and with an amazing success history   THE SIMPLEST MICRO-INJECTION AND INFUSION SYSTEM EVER DEVELOPED FOR TREES Chemjet® a Simple Spring Loaded Syringe, The Advantage: Faster and Easier to Use - With Effective Results – For Your Trees And Money Savings - Safest Tree Injector Available - Completely Re-loadable and Re-usable for Infinite Number of Times – No Complicated Expensive Devices - No Applicator Frustration – No High Pressure Damage - Few Tools Required - Least Expensive – Covers Large Selection of tree health care products With systemic formulations of Antibiotics, Insecticides, Nutrients, Minerals and Fungicides available for tree injection treatment - Control many of the most destructive pests. Protect the environment and your trees with CHEMJE T TREE INJECTORS.  Ideal For: - The Home Owner and - The Professional Tree Care Industry  The Chemjet reduces labor time as well as the colorectal damage by more than 85% The drill size is 11/64” compared to 5/16’ for the macro system For more than ten years now, I have been selling the CHEMJET® to the public with a tremendous response. It is a simple spring loaded syringe that achieves a more effective goal of efficient distribution and dosage rates and at the same time eliminating the so called gap theory with only 1 injector every 3” equidistance around the base of the tree 4-6” above the soil line. The macro system requires excavating the root zone equivalent to three times the DBH (Diameter at Brest Height)  The Prehistoric Macro system’s is very cumbersome and highly labor intensive.  A large size tree the injectors can be placed around the trunk base in less than ten minutes compared to 45 min to one hour with the macro system. The Chemjets empty out in 3-5 hours Here is the big difference. The macro injection for a 24” dia. Tree requires 24 liters of water and 240 mils of chemical. The water/fungicide ratio is 100 parts water to ONE PART Fungicide The Chemjet Injector has a 20 mil capacity barrel utilizing 10 mils of fungicide and 10 mils of water. In simple terms it is 1 part water to 1 part fungicide. The Chemjet Injectors utilizes the trees natural transport system to carry the chemical up & into the canopy. Now for the best news and a superb track record. In the 10 plus years and treating trees using the preventive application for oak wilt. Chemjet’s record of loses are surprisingly low at the number of only 5 trees. YES ONLY 5 TREES IN TEN YEARS TIME  Those 5 trees were highly suspect of Oak Wilt as they were adjacent to trees that scum to oak wilt in previous months. The CHEMJET® is used worldwide for more than 30 years with great success treating just about every tree disease or insect problem and yes worldwide the injection is performed in the trunk stem and not below the soil line as the research provides more effective results Mike you can use some of the pictures from this page some macro and micro