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© ChemjetUS 2016 Injection Uptake Varies for S.O.D - 5 to 45 minutes for Oak Wilt - 3-5 Hours
Chemjet Micro Tree Injection Versus the Macro Injection Method
THE SIMPLEST MICRO-INJECTION AND INFUSION SYSTEM EVER DEVELOPED FOR TREES. Chemjet® a Simple Spring Loaded Syringe,    The Advantage: Faster and Easier to Use - With Effective Results I have used the Chemjet for 10 years and in that time I have lost only 5 trees. They were highly suspect of oak wilt, due to the proximity of adjacent trees that died just prior to treatment– For Your Trees And Money Savings – CHEMJET is the Safest Tree Injector Available – Completely Re-loadable and Re-usable for Infinite Number of Times - No Landfill Waste THE CHEMJET® Tree Injectors  Think Environment,  Think Chemjet,  Protect your trees, Protect the Environment.
For other applications wash in a solution of Consan 20 (is non corrosive) a triple action Microbial disinfectant. Viruscide Fungicide and Algaecide.  DO NOT WASH IN CLOROX It will damage the injectors over time No Complicated Expensive Devices - No Applicator Frustration - No High Pressure Damage - Few Tools Required - Least Expensive - Chemical Cost is minimal – No intensive labor to expose the root flares below the soil line. No exposure to harmful pathogens when replacing the soil over the roots and filling the drill portals. Covers Large Selection of tree health care products with systemic formulations of  Antibiotics, Insecticides, Nutrients, Minerals and Fungicides available for tree injection treatment - Control many of the most destructive pests. Protect your trees with CHEMJET TREE INJECTORS Ideal for the Home Owner And For The Professional Tree Care Industry Comparing The Macro Injection System Versus The Chemjet Micro Injection system. The Macro Injection System A 24 inch diameter Oak Tree  Better known as the Drill’em and Kill’em method - --  -  Developed by Texas A & M Expose the root zone three times the tree’s diameter that would require  placement of 72 injectors every 3 inches apart and utilizing about 2 hours labor time and another ¾ of an hour to place the injection harness  The injection tees require  5/16” portals.   The Bulky Canisters are filled with 24 liters of water with 240 mm of Propiconazole or .6 gallons of water or 8 OZ of chemical which equates to 96 parts water to 1 part chemical When the job is complete the dirt is filled in over the roots and into the drill portals. This application exposes the tree to harmful soil borne pathogens causing tissue damage and improper healing. Many of the portals are still weeping area after two years following the initial injection.           NO PROBLEM  Out of  Site! Out of Mind! Drill’em & Kill’em It’s Money in the bank!...  The Chemjet Micro Injection System   Drill the portals on a downward 45 degree angle, between the bark crevasses 4”- 6” above the soil line, placing the injectors 3” equidistant around the tree trunk.  Thus (Keeping the job out of the dirt). Labor time: 10- 12 minutes The Chemjets hold 20 mills of chemical diluted with 50% water 240 mil of Propiconazole   240 mils of water that is a ratio of 1 part chemical to 1 part water The CHEMJET applies a concentrated booster shot which better serves the tree’s health and  reduces the MACRO collateral damage by more than 85% When the injection is complete remove the Chemjets and make ready for the next injection job.. End Result - You have a Chemjet Happy Tree” and BEST OF ALL -  No waste material goes to the LAND FILL. ! Saving One Tree at a time  Saving the Environment every time WHICH IS BETTER? The Macro Drill Portal “O"  5/16” The Chemjet® Drill Portal    “ O” or this  11/64” The Chemjet®   Tree syringe versus Macro Injection read more