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Based on Bribie Island, Queensland, Australia, Chemjet® Trading Pty Ltd. A.B.N. 88 010 755 745 was established in 1986 by August Gorissen. August and his wife Astrid originally owned an avocado plantation, and developed the Chemjet® Tree Injector as a means to counteract diseases that were threatening their crop. The Gorissen’s found that `injection’ with Phosphorous acid was the only effective method of treating the devastating Phytophthora disease in their trees causing root rot, trunk cancers and fruit rot. Realising that the injector could be of enormous benefit to growers around the world, the Gorissen’s researched their method to develop and patent the Chemjet® Tree Injector. Today the device is used in many countries, and is readily accepted as one of the most effective and environmentally sustainable methods for control of Phytopthora diseases and Insect pests. Many valued customers from around the world have found a use for Chemjet Tree Injectors. Whether the need is for controlling phytophthora in avocado trees in Australia or New Zealand, protecting Durian trees in Asia, protecting hardwood trees from Sudden Oak Death in California or Mango trees in South America. The Chemjet is also used to protect trees in the USA for Oak Wilt, Dutch Elm Disease, Chestnut Canker, Apple Blight, White Walnut Canker, Emerald Ash Borer and Nutrient and Mineral deficiency. Chemjet Tree Injectors is the injection tool for your job.
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THE CHEMJET TREE INJECTOR - Australian Made - A SIMPLE MICRO-INJECTION AND INFUSION SYSTEM DEVELOPED FOR TREES. Chemjet® a Simple Spring Loaded Syringe, The Advantage: Faster and Easier to Use - With Effective Results - For Your Trees And Money Savings - Safest Tree Injector Available - Completely Re-loadable and Re-usable for Infinite Number of Times - No Complicated Expensive Devices - No Applicator Frustration - No High Pressure Damage - Few Tools Required - Least Expensive - Covers Large Selection of tree health care products with systemic formulations of Antibiotics, Insecticides, Nutrients, Minerals and Fungicides available for tree injection treatment - Control many of the most destructive pests. Protect your trees with CHEMJET TREE INJECTORS - Ideal For The Home Owner and For The Professional Tree Care Industry                                                              click to enlarge                                                       
Testimonial I have been serving the tree industry here in the Texas Hill Country, since 1978, which included tree trimming,Removal, Stump grinding and general tree Health care. In 1990, I started treating trees for the oak wilt using the Macro Injection treatment. This method requires a lot of equipment , it is very labor intensive, and creates a lot of invasive damage to the most critical root zone of the trees. Also when replacing the dirt back over the root zone the tree is exposed to more soil borne pathogenic infections causing canker infection and tissue damage. Eight years ago, I discovered the Chemjet tree injector on the internet. I purchased my first chemjets for almost $18.00 ea, to try them out. This followed up with buying 100-200 chemjets directly from Australia. I was very impressed with the overall results, the labor was reduced by more that 85% , and most important the damage factor by 85% as the tree could better cope with minimum inflicted damage.. I built my inventory up to 1000 chemjets and also provided the homeowner and the commercial applicator with a tool that provided more flexibility and farmore effective results. The chemjets when loaded with a 20 mil solution of 50/50 water and Propiconazole 14.3% MEC, and spacing the syringes 3” apart around the tree at 6 inches above the soil line, this provided the label application of 10 mils per diameter inch. In the seven years, I have used the Chemjet, I have not lost a single tree when treating them preventively. Once the tree becomes infected with oak wilt, it is futile to even try to save the tree. I was very concerned with the macro method, the damage factor and the exposure to soil borne microbes. Many homeowners became very discourage and disillusioned on their attempts to treat their trees The chemjet got the job out of the dirt, and placed a very simple tool in their hands with very effective results. The chemjet has a proven track record of more than 30 years used world wide.
The Chemjet Tree Injectors. A Micro Injection system used world wide. The above illustration here is at 4 1/2 ft or at chest height. The delivery results have proven equally effective at any location from below soil level,  6 inches above the soil line, knee high, waist high or the level as illustrated above. Most important the delivery results have proven equally effective from any point up through the trunk stem. The water movement in Oak Trees moves at the rate of 92 ft per hour up the trunk. Chemjet Injectors uses a 11/64" or (4.3mm) drill bit reducing collateral damage and labor by more than 85%. Chemjet is an economical and environmental tool to inject your trees for any fungal disease, insect infestation or mineral deficiency. If the drill holes are, a concern of possible insect, pathogenic invasion or weeping an application of a wee dab of bees wax can be applied to the drill portal. It is available from a hardware of plumbing store, known as "Bol-Wax" " Full Size Toilet Bowl Gasket ."  Bees Wax is non allergenic and will neither damage nor interfere in the tree's normal healing process.  Shallow, Pit Tree Injection - Innovative Science of 50 years past !  One of America's destructive attempts of tree injection !  Paddle Drill Port  Fig1-2-3    Figure 1. The shallow drill port with the 1" paddle drill.  Figure 2  The injector assembly.   Figure 3 Injector assembly placed in the shallow drill port The injections were done at chest height, in the trunk stem of the tree.   The customers complained about the 1" holes staring them in their face.  The Powers to be decided, the only alternative was to move the injection process below soil level in-order to quell the customers complaints. The old adage . . . Out of Sight . . . Out of Mind . . .  and . . . . .  IT WORKED !    Shallow Pit Tree Injection Illustration                                                  There was NEVER any research what so ever, regarding reduce size of the tree injectors, collateral damage, exposure to soil borne pathogenic and microbial infections or any advantage or disadvantage of uptake and distribution to the canopy.    The Macro Injection Protocol, presently favored by Texas A & M is nothing more than a DRILL'EM  And  KILL'EM application destined to the destruction our Texas Live Oak Trees.  A Cure much worse than the disease ! ! !                                
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Karen Rockoff is the primary contact Jim is in the hospital & will take calls through Karen. Contact: Cell: 830.955.0304 Karen Rockoff Arborist - TDA Certified
· Chemjet® is a simple spring loaded syringe that is faster and easier to use than other systems with effective results Completely re-loadable and re-usable, with simple cleaning, for multiple uses Easy application-No high pressure damage-Few tools required Covers a Large selection of tree health care products with systemic formulations of antibiotics, insecticides, nutrients, minerals and fungicides available for tree injection treatments Ideal for the home owner and the Professional Tree Care Industry
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